Training Academy

Training Academy

Invita strongly believes that adopting professional training and development programmes into overall business plans is of paramount importance. Training is integral to allow individuals and organisations to successfully meet the challenges faced in today’s competitive market place. Investing in effective training programmes has been proven to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and staff retention and increased profitability. Additionally, training can promote teamwork, help build brands and develop corporate culture.

To assist our clients in this important endeavour, Invita provides world-class training and development services for your company’s human capital. Through established partnerships, Invita’s training services can be customised to meet your company’s specific needs. We focus on specialist training for the banking, retail and telecommunications industry.

We also have the capability to train employees across various other industries. Our comprehensive training programmes can be delivered at Invita’s specially designed premises or in house and, as part of our efforts to maximise accessibility and convenience to clients, some training may be delivered via e-learning.
Our training can cater for all courses and with retraining available for front line staff and middle level management. Invita’s training programs encompass leadership skills, banking skills, telephone skills, customer service, sales, business etiquettes & communication, project management, corporate training and other domain specific trainings. And, of course, each course will be individually tailored to meet your specific requirements. We develop and support our customised training programmes with in depth pre-training needs analysis, post-training assessment and follow ups.

Invita provides recognized international industry credentials that develop and validate business professionals. We work closely with internationally accredited partners who are able to provide foundation-level, industry-neutral certifications for business professionals These qualifications enable employers and participants to train on skillset required for specific roles within corporations.

Unlike many training organisations, Invita is able to provide both instructors and manuals in Arabic to further ensure the success and efficacy of our training programmes.

Value of Invita’s training programmes;

  • Proof of professional achievement and enhanced employability
  • Expanded knowledge and skills base to assist in pursuing more career paths
  • International certification
  • Available in both English and Arabic